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ALLFINANZ Rules Designer


Ignite the digital revolution and quickly grow your business without increasing costs

A cloud-based new business, digital underwriting and analytics solution designed to deliver everything you need to quickly drive a significant growth in sales, while transforming your customers’ buying experience. 

SPARK enables your firm to rapidly kick the paper habit, streamline processes and explore valuable new opportunities. It will give you access to new sources of data and insight, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. 

SPARK can be accessed at any time, on any device and gives you greater flexibility in how you serve customers. 

Revolutionise how you grow your business by utilising SPARK's capabilities: 

  • Pre-configured underwriting rulebook to help accelerate your implementation and time-to-market

  • Easy to use rules designer allows you customise the solution to your specific underwriting philosophy (with new rules and rule changes published instantly)

  • Sophisticated rules for common conditions so you can offer instant cover, ask further reflexive questions, or refer the case for manual underwriting

  • Support for multiple products across multiple languages and multiple sales channels so you can sell how and where you want

  • Easy integration with internal and external third-party data providers, accelerating decision making and improving the customer experience

  • Business insights so you can understand how your business is performing and quickly identify areas for improvement

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