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Why Munich Re

Unrivalled strategic expertise and best practice advice

Lowest risk implementation
With over 70 implementations across 31 countries, Munich Re Automation Solutions Ltd is the world leading provider of new business underwriting software to the life insurance industry. We have a verifiable and referenceable 100% track record of successful implementations with some of the largest insurers in the world including Pacific Life, Zurich, Aegon, HSBC, Prudential, Aviva, Sony Life, Metropolitan Life and Bank of China. Using our proven standardised project plans, with repeatable processes and checkpoints designed for predictable delivery we significantly reduce the risk of the implementation project.

Delivering long term value
Munich Re Automation Solutions Ltd is a software company responsible for its own bottom line. This means that our clients get the best practices expected of a business critical software product vendor. Over the next 4 years we are planning to invest up to $10.5 million in pure research & development in our solution. Our clients benefit directly from this investment in the form of new features and functions being made available via regular upgrades to the software products.

A highly experienced team

Munich Re Automation Solutions Ltd is celebrating 30 years in business. Over that time, we have helped transform the fortunes of life insurers around the world with new business and automated underwriting technology that helps our clients transform underwriting from a cost centre into a sales enabler and profit driver. Our success is attributed to the collective skills, abilities and expertise of our staff. We have standardised project plans, with repeatable processes and checkpoints, designed for predictable delivery to minimise project risk. Our highly experienced business analysts will work with your team to design and implement the solution that best fits with your business needs. Our tiered customer support plans are designed to suit all your post implementation requirements.

Expert guidance from the leading reinsurer
Our solution includes Munich Re’s proven experience in underwriting, which is embodied in a comprehensive and adaptable rules engine ensuring excellence in underwriting decisioning. By combining Munich Re’s expert underwriting rules and reinsurance services together with ALLFINANZ new business underwriting suite, Munich Re propels forward-looking insurance companies on their own path to growth. Clients do not need to have a reinsurance treaty with Munich Re to use ALLFINANZ.


Control, our software is easy to use so that clients have the freedom to make rapid adjustments with minimum effort and no IT or vendor support. Visibility, ALLFINANZ has the ability to transform underwriting data into valuable insight, giving key business stakeholders visibility into their digital new business process. Agility, our state of the art solution has evolved per market requirements and will continue to evolve with the changing needs of the market. 

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