Climate change & risk factors in Australia & NZL

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Climate change and risk factors

The science of natural disasters in Australia and in New Zealand

In the financial and insurance sector, Munich Re is a pioneer in analysing the consequences of climate change and natcat events for over 40 years. Today, we are integrated into a comprehensive scientific network that gives us access to the latest scientific findings and ensures a high level of quality for our analyses – to the benefit of our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Climate change in Australia and New Zealand

Anthropogenic climate change, coupled with exposure development, will significantly alter the insurance industry's risk maps of Australia and New Zealand over the coming decades.

Natural climate variability

Extreme droughts, floods and tropical cyclone: In many cases, these weather events can be attributed to natural climate variability.

Understanding risk

In the context of natural disasters, the scientific community agrees that risk is the product of (the probability of) a hazard and its adverse consequences. How it affects your business.

Model uncertainties

Despite improvements in the scientific understanding of natural perils in Australia and New Zealand: In catastrophe modelling uncertainty remains a fundamental notion – with a strong impact on risk and capital decisions.

Stand by your country – together for more disaster resilience in Australia

The Australian Business Roundtable aims to support the disaster resilience development of a more sustainable, coordinated national approach. Munich Re is among the founding members.

Economic factors – How can Australia's economy withstand the financial effects of natural disasters?

Is Australia adequately prepared for potential risks of change and the financial effects of natural disasters? Assessment of Munich Re´s chief economist Michael Menhart.

Natural hazards in Australia and New Zealand

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – get a detailed overview of the science of natural hazards and their financial impacts.

Understanding risk

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Risk is the product of (the probability of) a hazard and its adverse consequences. See how it affects your business.


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