Cyclones in Australiat

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Cyclones in Australia - Turbulence on the Gold Coast

Severe cyclones in Australia rarely reach the east coast of southern Queensland - the last time was in the 1970s. However, current climate change predictions and increasing concentrations of values are making risk researchers sit up and take notice, because should a storm event occur, the consequences could be devastating.

The Australian east coast of Queensland, where the state capital of Brisbane is situated, has grown dramatically over the last 50 years. The population has soared and led to massive urban expansion. Fuelled by the rising worldwide demand for raw materials, southeast Queensland in Australia has seen strong economic development and is currently Australia's fastest-growing region. The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects the population in and around Brisbane to grow by 34% to 57% over the next 20 years.

Brisbane today has a population of over 2 million. In 1960 it was 700,000.

Tourism is also booming

Australia´s Gold Coast, for instance, with over 500,000 residents, has become Queensland's second-largest "city" or urban region. It also has the second-fastest growing population in Australia, again after Brisbane. Thanks to two major airports in Brisbane and Coolangata, this holiday paradise can be reached quickly and conveniently. The Pacific Highway, completed in 2000, additionally connects the tourist hub to Brisbane.


Risk factors

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Climate change, natural climate variability, natcat and resilience – find out about the relevant risk factors.

Understanding risk

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Risk is the product of (the probability of) a hazard and its adverse consequences. See how it affects your business.


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