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About Us

Tackling the major challenges of the future is something we have been doing for over 135 years – and since 1955 as a local player in Australia and New Zealand.

As a reinsurer, we operate internationally and apply a range of disciplines to produce pioneering concepts that make tomorrow’s world insurable. Our recipe for success is to anticipate risks and deliver needs-based solutions. This provides the impetus for profitable, long-term growth. Get to know our experts and your local contacts in Australia and in New Zealand.

Executive interview

Heinrich Eder and Scott Hawkins share their views on natcat disasters in Australia and New Zealand and Munich Re´s role and ambitions in the region.


An overview of our contributing experts in natcat disasters and weather related loss events from our worldwide offices.

Local contacts

Your local contacts in Australia and New Zealand.

Natural hazards in Australia and New Zealand

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – get a detailed overview of the science of natural hazards and their financial impacts.

Risk factors

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Climate change, natural climate variability, natcat and resilience – find out about the relevant risk factors.

Understanding risk

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Risk is the product of (the probability of) a hazard and its adverse consequences. See how it affects your business.


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