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Loss Control Engineering

Our Loss Control Engineering team is one of the largest in the world, comprising more than 1,200 engineers, surveyors, inspectors and technical experts.

There are many statistics quoted about the effect that a lack of planning for a disaster has on a business. What's certain is that any unplanned interruption can be devastating to a business; with loss of assets, profits and market share common risks.


We believe that a good risk management programme is just good business sense, and a collaborative approach to loss control engineering is the most effective way to reduce overall frequency and severity of losses and subsequently enhance business results.

What we do

Our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience of engineering risks, built on a heritage of over 150 years, extends to a wide range of plant and equipment risks: including manufacturing, construction, civil engineering, renewable energy and computer.

Our services range from basic hazard reporting through to analysis of industrial operations and financial exposures and comprise desktop reviews, location/site surveys, post loss investigations and risk improvement programmes, coordinated through our dedicated Loss Control Engineering management system. 

Our approach

We are dedicated to supporting our customers by offering 'consultative-based' services, with a focus on practical risk solutions to manage, control and reduce risks. To help effectively manage risk and avoid similar incidents in the future, our integrated approach allows us to provide exclusive feedback to customers on an individual risk basis and at the same time communicate loss experiences through our 'lesson learned' programme.

By working together with our customers, our Loss Control Engineering team can help manage complex engineering risks, whilst providing real value by enhancing productivity and profitability for all parties. Our commitment to excellence, dependability and collaboration has helped us to understand the challenges facing our customers and to provide risk solutions that can make a difference.

Guides to loss prevention

Guides to loss prevention

Our series of risk guidance documents, covering a range of industries and topics, offer both practical advice and guidance based on industry best practices.

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