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Technological equipment

Machinery and Technology Insurance

An equipment breakdown, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one

We live and work in a world where technology is constantly evolving; creating new forms of machinery and equipment, and applications for them. Whilst technology brings many benefits, ever more reliance on electronic components and software is increasing the risk to businesses of equipment failure and breakdown.

Whilst cover for fire and accidental damage may be included within a commercial property policy, equipment breakdown or damage may not be. Equipment breakdown and damage insurance offers businesses protection against unexpected costs associated with the repair and replacement of vital equipment.

HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance responds to the changing equipment risks and exposures by providing an equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one; providing comprehensive cover for businesses operating machinery and equipment.

Our policy is a commercial product aimed predominantly at manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals and specialist engineering industries. The policy provides cover for damage and breakdown to fixed manufacturing, processing and services equipment, and deterioration of stock cover for stock being stored in cold chambers. In addition, the policy provides cover for financial loss resulting from these events and to specified customers and suppliers for their own financial loss following an event.

In addition to combining equipment breakdown, deterioration of stock and business interruption into one policy, HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance provides:

  • Replacement of damaged machinery and equipment with more efficient alternatives which are safer and better for the environment.
  • Cover for the failure of any electronic or computer equipment that controls the machinery or equipment, even if there is no physical damage.
  • Public relations cover for professional public relations support when equipment breakdown poses a risk to a business’s reputation.
  • Replacement of damaged machinery and equipment parts includes non-compatible parts.
  • Cover is provided for machinery and equipment operated off site and hired in for short-term use.
  • Deterioration of stock cover now includes stock in refrigerated vehicles or temporary cold storage.
  • Loss of income cover if damage occurs at an anchor location and affects profits.

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