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Financial Information

HSB Engineering Insurance provides insurance, reinsurance and inspection services to insurance companies, managing general agents, intermediaries, and commercial businesses. Below, you will find financial information and ratings relating to the parent company; HSB Engineering Insurance Limited (HSBEIL). 

Financial Rating

HSB Engineering Insurance has a financial strength rating of A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.

The rating reflects our strong consolidated risk-adjusted capitalisation and strong specialist business profile. In addition, it recognises our strategic importance to The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, a member of The Hartford Steam Boiler Group (HSB), as its principal source of geographical diversification.

HSB benefits from the group's synergies with Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. and its ultimate parent, Munich Reinsurance Company (Munich Re). Furthermore, HSB's already robust enterprise risk management (ERM) practices receive additional benefits from Munich Re's extensive ERM resources.


HSBEIL maintains a strong business position in the UK and Canadian markets as a specialist engineering insurer writing equipment property damage and business interruption insurance. The company benefits from its ownership of inspection and consultancy service provider, HSB Engineering Insurance Services Limited, which provides engineering inspection services to HSBEIL's clients.

Financial Reports

Our latest full-year consolidated Annual Report and Accounts and Solvency II report are available to download:

Annual Report and Accounts: HSB Engineering Insurance Limited
For the year ending 31 December 2018

Annual Report and Accounts: HSB Engineering Insurance Services Limited
For the year ending 31 December 2018

Solvency and Financial Condition Report
For the year ending 31 December 2018

Tax Strategy

We set out the approach of HSB Engineering Insurance Limited and HSB Engineering Insurance Services Limited in conducting our tax affairs and dealing with tax risks.

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