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NATHAN Risk Suite

Modern integrated risk management requires a detailed knowledge of geographical environment. Munich Re’s NATHAN (Natural Hazards Assessment Network) Risk Suite optimizes your assessment of natural hazard risks, from entire portfolios down to individual risks at address level – worldwide.

Your business will benefit from the expertise we have built up over a period of many years. Our services shed light on the complexities involved, giving more accurate price calculations and helping to reduce costly loadings. This will speed up your business processes and enhance portfolio management.

Our solutions – your success

Munich Re has been using geointelligence for rating purposes for many years now and is constantly refining and improving the techniques it uses. Geocoded portfolio and loss data make it possible to perform highly accurate geographic portfolio analyses. The results of these analyses are then used to optimize your risk management.

Munich Re has now pooled its range of services in NATHAN Risk Suite. The individual products are available either in print or online format, as individual risk analysis or portfolio analysis and with differing levels of integration in the assessment process. This means suitable products are available for all requirements.

NATHAN Risk Suite Overview

NATHAN World Map of Natural Hazards
A new name but the recipe for success is the same: Since 2011, NATHAN World Map of Natural Hazards has been a component of NATHAN Risk Suite. The global wildfire hazard map is a new feature.

NATHAN Single Risk Online
NATHAN Single Risk Online now offers a number of markets the option of exposure analyses down to address level and additional world maps for global wildfire hazard and population density. Your risk locations are linked to high-resolution maps and satellite images, which ensure individual risks can be identified and evaluated faster and more accurately - addressing one of the major concerns in facultative property insurance and engineering risk rating.

NATHAN Portfolio Risk Online
If you need to analyse the natural hazard exposure of complete portfolios, NATHAN Portfolio Risk Online with its upload/download process will enhance your workflow and give your underwriters a key starting point for fast, efficient premium calculation and accumulation control (CRESTA ZONES).

NATHAN Portfolio Risk Pro
We even go a step further with NATHAN Portfolio Risk Pro. This premium service is especially suitable for assessing large portfolios. We have integrated a real-time web service in your workflow. As your underwriters receive fully automated support, they can focus their efforts on assessing and rating risks.

This product caters to clients with portfolios exceeding 5,000 policies. Your Client Manager will be happy to assist.

NATHAN Risk Consulting
Naturally, we are also personally available to help you with our know-how. If you have complex risks to deal with, our experts are on hand with customised analyses and an all-round risk-assessment/control consultancy service. We will also be glad to help you introduce geo solutions at your company.

To find out more on NATHAN Risk Suite, simply register free of charge in the Touch Natural Hazards section.

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