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Claims Overview

Good claims service helps you get back in business faster. Virtually every organization needs its key equipment to run its operations.

HSB BI&I helps with in-house specialized Claims Adjusters in 3 offices across Canada. Equipment and machinery claims are different than other types of property. To do the job right, and without delay, requires an understanding of how equipment works and an ability to diagnose what broke down and why. HSB BI&I's depth of technical expertise applied to loss prevention and claims settlement makes us an industry leader. Engineers and Inspectors provide onsite support at insured facilities.

HSB BI&I's High Standards for Claims Service
  • Contacting each insured within 24 hours of being notified of a claim
  • Establishing liability within 10 days for over 80% of all claims
  • Adjusters are courteous and helpful, providing the information required to file the claim and understand the settlement

We ask our customers: "How well are we doing?"

John Mulvihill, President and CEO, describes HSB BI&I's relationship with our customers: “Each and every settled claim has a client satisfaction survey included with our payment and adjuster's letter. We invite our insured's feedback on how HSB BI&I has dealt with their claim. This has provided insight that has allowed us to tune our level and style of service over the years. Our client satisfaction surveys are consistently in excess of 98% 'satisfied and very satisfied'.”

As an example, here is what one customer told us: “It was a real pleasure dealing with your claims department. They were true professionals and dealt with the issues fairly and expediently. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to any of my colleagues.”


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