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HSB BI&I's Claim Team

Claims Manager

Commercial Lines
Name Phone Email
Branimir Petosic 416-216-7176 bpetosic@biico.com
Specialty Lines
Name Phone Email
Daria Agius 416-216-8414 dagius@biico.com
Name Phone Email
Chantal Menard 514-861-3804 cmenard@biico.com

Toronto Claims Office
(for all claims in Canada except Quebec)

390 Bay Street, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2Y2
Phone: 1-844-216-7223  Fax: 416-216-8420
E-mail: claimstor@biico.com

Commercial Lines
Name Phone Email
Daniel Adam 416-216-8410 dadam@biico.com
Minnie Cho 416-216-7225 mcho@biico.com
Janice Hope 416-216-7223 jhope@biico.com
Marceline Hill 416-216-7172 mhill@biico.com
Rita Sousa Lobo 416-216-7171 rsousalobo@biico.com
Terry Shoemaker 416-216-7182 tshoemaker@biico.com
Specialty Lines
Name Phone Email
Moya Campbell 416-216-8405 mcampbell@biico.com
Jessica Baranowski 416-348-7646 jbaranowski@biico.com
Jodi Buck 416-216-7195 jbuck@biico.com
Brenda Fletcher 416-216-8442 bfletcher@biico.com
Lady Quintero 416-216-7198 lquintero@biico.com

Montreal Claims Office
(for claims in Quebec)

800 Réné Lévesque Blvd. W, 17th flr - Montréal, Québec H3B 1X9
Phone: 514-861-8261 - Fax: 514-861-3678
E-mail: claimsmtl@biico.com

Name Phone
Luc Corriveau 514-861-3821 lcorriveau@biico.com
Martin Couture 514-861-3813 mcouture@biico.com
Charles Nadeau 514-861-3811 cnadeau@biico.com
Marie-Josee Nault 514-861-3803 mnault@biico.com


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