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Complaints Liaison Officer

HSB BI&I is committed to client satisfaction. If a situation arises where you are unsatisfied with a decision made by HSB BI&I, we will undertake a review of the matter and provide you with a clear and timely response.

Any situation giving rise to your dissatisfaction concerning your Policy or with respect to a claim should first be addressed by your Insurance Broker / Agent and your HSB BI&I representative to ensure a clear understanding of your concern by all parties. If necessary, the local HSB BI&I Manager can be brought in to the matter to assist in resolving your concern.

In matters which remain unresolved or in dispute after a review at the appropriate branch level, our Complaints Liaison Officer (“CLO”) is available to hear concerns you have and to conduct a review of the matter. The CLO’s role, similar to that of an Ombudsperson, is to gather the facts regarding your complaint, and to ensure that each complaint is responded to in a fair and timely fashion by assisting you through the complaint process and by involving the appropriate senior HSB BI&I staff to review all relevant information pertaining to our decision. You will be provided with the results of our review, in writing.

In addition, our CLO will advise you of your option to contact the various regulatory bodies which license and govern the insurance industry; many of these regulatory bodies, both federally and provincially, provide helpful information regarding complaints procedures. Insurance Bureau of Canada website contains information on contacting the various provincial offices which are responsible for insurance regulation.

For federal regulatory information on the complaint process, contact the Government of Canada Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website.

Our CLO will also advise you of your option to contact the General Insurance OmbudService, the independent, regionally-based, consumer dispute resolution system for certain segments of the insurance industry. The GIO will assist in a mediation process at no cost to the consumer, in an attempt to resolve a concern or dispute; the process can be initiated (with a GIO member insurer) through the GIO by contacting them with details of your concern / dispute. PLEASE NOTE that the GIO advises that this should be done after you have first tried to resolve your matter directly with the insurer. The process by which the GIO handles the dispute resolution can be found at http://www.giocanada.org/helpyou.html#top the GIO can also be contacted toll-free at 1-877-225-0446.

If you have any

  • questions about our Complaint Handling procedures;
  • or concerns regarding a decision made by BI&I with respect to your Policy or a claim you have made

you can also contact us by writing to

Complaints Liaison Officer
The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada
390 Bay Street, Suite 2000
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2Y2

Please include your name and address, and, if applicable, your Policy number or Claim number.


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