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Insurance Products

Commercial Clients

All Systems Go Plus®

Addressing the needs of today’s small businesses, this insurance product combines broad, unlimited* coverages with Data Compromise and Identity Recovery.

A new industry standard for equipment breakdown coverage

TechAdvantage™ reinvents equipment breakdown insurance to cover microelectronics for non-physical damage; off-premises transportable equipment; cloud computing service interruption; data lost in the cloud due to an accident; and public relations.

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Data Compromise

Helps small to mid-sized businesses respond to a data breach, covering notification costs and professional help.

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Helps small businesses recover from damage to data and systems caused by a computer attack; provides defense and liability coverage for third-party lawsuits (in all provinces except Quebec) alleging damage due to insured’s inadequate system security.

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Identity Recovery

Helps restore identity integrity to pre-theft status and provides professional case management services


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Home Systems Protection

Reinsurance for home systems, including heating, cooling, appliances and electronics.

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Service Line

Reinsurance for homeowner-owned, exterior underground water and sewer piping, electrical service lines and data lines.


Are you a broker? Self-rate, bind and issue commercial equipment breakdown policies in less than 5 minutes.

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