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Commercial Equipment Breakdown


A new industry standard for equipment breakdown coverage

TechAdvantage™ reinvents equipment breakdown insurance to cover microelectronics for non-physical damage; off-premises transportable equipment; cloud computing service interruption; data lost in the cloud due to an accident; and public relations. Learn about these new coverages and more.

All Systems Go Plus®

Protection for business's critical equipment. This unique insurance policy was created to specifically address the needs of the modern small business. It combines broad coverage (including electronic equipment breakdown) with simplified policy language.

Equipment Breakdown Rider

HSB BI&I makes the Equipment Breakdown Rider product available exclusively through reinsurance arrangements with 50 Property/Casualty Insurers in Canada. The rider is similar to All Systems Go™ in eligibility and it has the added flexibility of three coverage options from which to choose, one of which is also similar to All Systems Go™.

Special Risks

Special Risks Need Special Attention. Today's industrial world is a complex, ever-changing environment. Our Special Risks Division was created to provide the highest level of service in helping clients in primary industry (Power Generation, Forestry, Chemical, Steel, Cement, etc.). We view our role as not just another insurance company, but as partners in risk management who can be trusted to work with our clients to assist in minimizing risk as well as providing the appropriate level of insurance in any industrial situation.

Course of Construction Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Course of Construction Equipment Breakdown Insurance coverage provides coverage for the breakdown of permanently installed equipment during construction. It can also be extended to include coverage during commissioning and testing.


Are you a broker? Self-rate, bind and issue commercial equipment breakdown policies in less than 5 minutes.

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