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27 October 2016

All Systems Go Plus® Coverages

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Electronic Circuitry Impairment
– adds second cause of loss to the definition of Breakdown

Unlimited* Direct Damage – cost to repair or replace equipment damaged by a covered breakdown or ECI

Unlimited* Business Interruption / Extra Expense – income or extra expense loss due to an interruption resulting from a breakdown

Unlimited* Spoilage – or contamination of food or other perishables following a breakdown; including coverage for perishable goods damaged by service interruption

Unlimited* Service Interruption – extends income and extra expense to breakdown of equipment owned by a supplier contracted to provide a service listed in the policy

Contingent Business Interruption – pays for lost business income and extra expenses when an insured’s cloud service provider experiences an outage due to equipment breakdown, to $25,000

Unlimited* Expediting Expenses – temporary repairs, or expenses incurred to expedite temporary or permanent repairs

Unlimited* By-Laws – additional costs to comply with by-laws, including income and extra expense

Unlimited* Anchor Location – contingent income coverage for loss resulting from a breakdown at a nearby location that draws clients to an insured location

Unlimited* Newly Acquired Locations – loss at newly acquired locations

Hazardous Substances – extra cost to repair or replace covered property contaminated by hazardous substances released due to a breakdown, to $100,000

Errors and Omissions – locations not described in the policy or are inadvertently omitted, to $100,000

Data Restoration – for data that is lost or damaged due to a breakdown, to $25,000

Environmental and Efficiency - pays up to 150% of the loss payable for upgrades to more energy efficient or environmentally friendly equipment

Green Coverage - $25,000 in addition to any applicable coverage under ‘Environmental and Efficiency Improvements’, helping restore recognized environmental standards to equipment and property

Off Premises Transportable Equipment – covers transportable equipment for property damage, business income, extra expense and data restoration, anywhere in Canada and USA, to $10,000

Public Relations – pays for professional public relations services to help manage the insured’s reputation which may be at risk when a breakdown causes a business income loss, to $5,000

Brands and labels – Pays for the cost of removing labels or stamping of salvaged merchandise, to $100,000

Data Compromise (optional) – pays for notification expenses and case management services for individuals affected by a data breach, to $50,000 annual aggregate

Identity Recovery (optional) – coverage for the insured affected by identity theft, to $15,000 annual aggregate

eRiskHub® - insureds who purchase DC/IDR receive free access to, a portal providing valuable data risk management tools, content and resources

Added value services

HSB BI&I’s Equipment Breakdown policies also include services to help clients meet local inspection requirements, prevent loss and get back into business if they do experience a breakdown.

Our services include:

- Jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels, required by some provinces, are a built-in benefit of HSB BI&I’s Equipment Breakdown coverage

- Loss prevention services designed to help business owners improve equipment operation and maintenance programs to prevent losses that can impair production or service capabilities

- Claim service to help clients more swiftly restore business operations following an equipment breakdown

*There is no limit of insurance applicable to direct damage, spoilage, business interruption / extra expense or service interruption for qualified risks.


Are you a broker? Self-rate, bind and issue commercial equipment breakdown policies in less than 5 minutes.

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