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Why do I need an equipment inspection?

Find out how to protect your business

Why do I need a Jurisdictional Inspection?

It’s the law. And business owners are responsible.

By law, periodic Jurisdictional Inspections of certain boilers and pressure vessels are required in some provinces in order to ensure safety. Business owners are responsible for having this equipment inspected. Failure to do so can result in heavy penalties and may even lead to a shutdown of operations. The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada provides the following services as part of the insured’s policy 1:

  • We will identify whether the insured has Jurisdictional Inspection requirements;
  • We will schedule and perform boiler and pressure vessel inspections in accordance with those jurisdictional requirements;
  • We will provide a certificate of inspection to post at the insured’s facility;
  • We will provide recommendations if we observe potentially hazardous conditions and identify ways to improve equipment operation, maintenance and reliability.

1 applies to provinces that allow insurers to provide Jurisdictional Inspections.

Why would Loss Prevention Inspections be necessary?

To protect businesses.

Loss Prevention Inspections to insured equipment, such as heating, cooling, electrical, processing and production machinery, are designed to help owners stay in business so they don’t run the risk of losing revenue and customers, and of damaging their own reputation.

A machinery breakdown could also result in personal injury.

How can we help?

As part of our service, and included in the policy:

  • We will identify the risks that could result from a breakdown of an insured’s equipment;
  • We will provide recommendations to help reduce hazards, improve equipment operations, maintenance and reliability – and ultimately help reduce the chances of downtime.

If an insured’s current certificate has expired, or if there are questions regarding either Jurisdictional or Loss Prevention Inspections, please contact us at 1-855-BOILERØ (1-855-264-5370)

Did You Know?

Our inspectors have been serving Canadian industry for over 140 years.

Today, our in-house team of inspectors and engineers is Canada’s largest, stretching from coast to coast, and continuing to provide the same, superior technical service to our policyholders.


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