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The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada

All Systems Go Plus®, Canada’s broadest, unlimited* equipment breakdown product, has been enhanced with state-of-the-art TechAdvantage® coverages.

TechAdvantage® reinvents equipment breakdown insurance to cover microelectronics for non-physical damage; off-premises transportable equipment; cloud computing service interruption; data lost in the cloud due to an accident; and public relations. Learn about these new coverages and more.

All Systems Go Plus® now with TechAdvantage®

State-of-the-art enhancements protect against losses caused by increasingly common technology-related failures.

Learn about the new coverages

About TechAdvantageTM 

Learn about the new industry standard for equipment breakdown coverage

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Computer server suffers non-detectable physical damage resulting in business interruption

An online retailer experienced a sudden shutdown of its website. The problem was isolated to a motherboard in a computer server. A visual examination of the motherboard revealed no evidence of detectable physical damage.

However, when the motherboard was replaced, the computer server and website were restored.
- Direct damage: $1,200
- Business interruption: $18,000

*There is no limit of insurance applicable to direct damage, spoilage, business interruption / extra expense or service interruption for qualified risks


If you are an HSB BI&I client and are not receiving Inspector’s Report, please contact your local marketing representative.

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