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Enjoy the Benefits HSB BI&I has to offer

The Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada offers employees a wide variety of Benefits, ranging from Group Life, Health and Dental, Pension, Deferred Profit Sharing to Education Reimbursement. Please see the following for more information on BI&I's Benefit plan:

Medical and Dental Benefits
HSB BI&I pays for medical dental benefits.

Educational Assistance Program
Approval for courses and/or payment of memberships or institute/professional fees are included as part of the benefit package. We encourage our staff to become the most knowledgeable in their field by taking courses to enhance their knowledge.

HSB BI&I Deferred Profit Sharing Plan
The profit sharing plan is a plan for all employees to participate in. This gives all employees the opportunity to make a difference!

HSB BI&I Retirement Plan
Defined contribution pension plan.

Travel Accident Insurance Plan
You will be covered while you are travelling.

Social Activities
The company has a social club, end-of-year holiday party and summer outing event for all employees to take part in. This gives us the opportunity to get to know one another better.


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