Superior Transformer Oil Analysis

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Transformer Fluid Analysis

HSB offers superior transformer oil analysis

The HSB TOGA difference

Hartford Steam Boiler’s transformer asset management program stands out in the industry. We use superior laboratories with up-to-date methodologies to produce the most accurate results possible. But, test results are only one part of the equation. HSB is dedicated to providing you with personalized consultation, experience, testing integrity, and intervention when problems are detected.

Our test reports are more than just numbers. They contain detailed interpretation, processed through an expert system and scrutinized by our technical staff.

You'll find out what the numbers mean

TOGA® consultation is available to help you understand the reports and correct potential problems that may have been identified through the testing. We provide hard facts and empirical data. We look for conditions that lead to problems. We’ll call you to alert you about issues we identify from the results. We act as your asset protection.

An expert staff without adding to your headcount

We’re here to discuss your asset management, an individual piece of equipment or a single report. Just pick up the phone and call us Toll Free at 1-800-386-2675 or Contact Us via E-mail. We offer advice that leads to solutions.

HSB has over 140 years of experience and one of the broadest reaches into the industry of any company. We dispense advice you can trust that results in reliability, availability and profitability for your firm.

Our transformer evaluation process offers you bottom-line value by helping you avoid down time and losses. It’s this difference that makes the TOGA® process so dramatically more effective than other transformer testing programs. It’s the HSB difference.

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