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How to report a claim

Call our toll-free claims hotline at 888-HSB-LOSS (888-472-5677) to report a claim, or click on the appropriate notice form below and once completed email it to Claim documentation can also be faxed to 1-888-329-5677.

  • Standard Notice used for Commercial Equipment Breakdown, Farm owner Equipment Breakdown, Homeowner Equipment Breakdown, and Homeowner Service Line. Download (DOC, 101 KB)
  • Specialty Notice used for Data Compromise, Identity Recovery, Employment Practices Liability, Cyber One, Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Contractors Errors and Omissions. Download (DOC, 168 KB)

Good claim service helps you get back in business faster. Virtually every organization needs key equipment to run its operations. Our strategy is to help restore your operations and get you back in business as swiftly as possible.

Our engineering staff works with our claim adjusters to service our insureds. Equipment and machinery claims are different than other types of property. To do the job right and without delay requires an understanding of how equipment works and an ability to diagnose what broke down and why. The team of our engineers and claims adjusters qualifies HSB to deliver this caliber of service.

HSB has a national network of service and parts suppliers. This permits us to swiftly arrange for services essential to restoring the insured's operations. As the largest insurer of equipment in the world, we know which service providers perform quality work and have appropriate industry certification. Operators of foreign-made or older equipment know how difficult it can be to locate parts promptly. Our knowledge of equipment and network of parts suppliers allows us to speed this process.

Call our toll-free claims hotline at 888-HSB-LOSS (888-472-5677) to report a claim.

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