HSB Industrial IoT Solutions

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HSB industrial IoT solutions

HSB industrial IoT solutions

It’s a way of thinking, not just a solution. HSB combines our expertise with that of our partners to form an IIoT ecosystem that, together, can solve your business challenges by providing process efficiency and business outcome guarantees – and business model change warranted to assure a specific level of return on investment.

A digitized and scalable future. Through our IIoT offering, we enable usage-based solutions that provide you scalable equipment functionality and minimize your risks around asset lifecycle management, leading to greater business flexibility and meaningful balance sheet relief.

relayr makes it possible. Our relayr industrial IoT solution provides the middleware, customized software, and consulting support to help you through every step of your transformation journey and enable insurable business outcomes.


This is IoT for industry - this transforms everything.

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Jack Volinski, Senior Vice President

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Patrick Weiler, VP IoT Services Industry 4.0
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