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Engineering Risk Management


Risk Management contact

For information about the risk management services that Hartford Steam Boiler offers insurance companies, agents, brokers and their clients, contact:

Ernest Freeman, Vice President Engineering
Phone: 1-800-HSB-1866
E-mail: Ernest_Freeman@hsb.com

Engineering contacts

For information about Hartford Steam Boiler’s engineering services contact:

Large Account Services and Industry Specialists
James Splain, Account Engineering
Phone: (860) 722-5108
E-mail: james_splain@hsb.com

Infrared Thermography Services
Ronald (JR) Smith, Manager
Phone: (216) 588-1381
Cell: (440) 610-0709
E-mail: Ronald_Smith_Jr@hsb.com
Website: https://www.munichre.com/HSB/thermography/index.html

Transformer Oil & Gas Analysis Program (TOGA®)
Paul Boman, Director
Phone: (800) 386-2675
Email: Paul_Boman@hsb.com
Website: http://www.hsbtoga.com/applications/toga/

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