Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance

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Miscellaneous professional liability insurance

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance from Hartford Steam Boiler

Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance (MPL) from Hartford Steam Boiler provides coverage for suits brought by third parties alleging financial damages due to errors or omissions on the part of professional service providers.

Small business service providers face MPL claims

Clients expect more from professional service providers than ever before and are quick to allege negligence, misrepresentation or inaccurate advice when a professional’s performance falls short of their expectations. Legitimate or not, these claims can lead to lengthy and expensive defense or litigation. Miscellaneous Professional Liability is intended for non-specialist, “Main Street” commercial business such as funeral directors, business consultants, travel agencies and other select professional service firms. Certain classes of professional service providers are excluded from the program.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance is offered through HSB’s insurer partners as part of their business insurance policies for specific segments of business where this coverage is needed. HSB’s portfolio pricing approach enables insurers to offer professional liability coverage as a convenient and competitive component of their business insurance products. This in turn reduces agent handling costs by eliminating the need for a separate monoline professional liability policy.

What does Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance cover?

Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance covers liability and defense costs from claims that allege errors or omissions in the rendering of professional services.

Additional benefits include access to specialty law firms and experienced claim specialists.

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