General Liability

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General Liability

Distributed solar generation plants can be located anywhere and present a set of exposures related to third parties and Premises or Completed Operations. Remote locations are seldom occupied regularly by a person and rely on remote sensors and security to monitor installations.

HSB’s General Liability coverage for solar risks under 1MW protects from liabilities in the event the insured is sued by a 3rd party. Policy language is similar to the ISO General Liability policy.

General Liability coverage includes:

  • Each occurrence limit/general aggregate
  • Damage to premises rented to you, any one premises
  • Medical expense, any one person
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Products and completed operations aggregate
  • Hired/non-owned automobile (available upon request)

Coverage is only provided on an annual basis with limits generally offered on a primary layer, higher limits may be available if required.

Coverages are subject to terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations. Please refer to the actual policy terms for applicable coverages. Not all coverages available in all states.

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