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Hartford Steam Boiler for Personal Lines Insurers

As the leading insurer of equipment and technology in North America, Hartford Steam Boiler has always championed innovation and strived to understand how and why equipment breakdowns occur.

Exposures have evolved over time in ways we would have never imagined, and will continue to do so at an increasing rate. Modern technology has brought about complex risks that can result in significant loss.

Our solutions cover not only the technology of today, but also look to the future to anticipate the emerging trends of tomorrow. We understand risk and offer unique services to prevent and reduce loss.

Technology and equipment are the center of our personal and professional lives, so we're dependant on evolving micro and nano technologies which pose perils that require new risk solutions. These solutions and their delivery will need to keep pace with this unprecedented level of change, and you can depend on HSB to be your reliable partner and quality service provider.

HSB’s specialty reinsurance offerings include:

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