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Identity Recovery coverage

Identity Recovery Coverage from Hartford Steam Boiler

Identity theft can happen to anyone – and it happens often. Security researchers say that roughly half of U.S. adults had their personal information hacked in a single year. Once an identity theft occurs, victims are left on their own to figure out how to fix the damage and reclaim their identities. It can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

HSB Identity Recovery coverage provides insurance protection and professional help to assist homeowners and consumers with recovering from identity theft. We can go beyond credit to detect ID fraud that wouldn’t show up in credit-related data. Services include:

  • Toll-free help line with counselors to answer questions and provide information on identity theft loss detection and prevention
  • Access to a professional identity restoration firm which will work with the victim through the entire identity restoration process
  • Case management performed by licensed investigators with experience to dig deeper
  • Option to use Limited Power of Attorney to act on a victim’s behalf 

Identity Recovery covered expenses

Identity Recovery also provides expense reimbursement coverage for costs incurred in resolving identity theft. These expenses include:

  • Lost wages
  • Child and elder care costs
  • Credit bureau reports
  • Fees when reapplying for loans initially declined due to falsified credit information
  • Postage, phone and shipping fees
  • Certain legal fees caused by identity theft
  • Other miscellaneous costs
  • Notary and filing fees

Where to get it

Agents can get Identity Recovery coverage through insurance companies that have partnered with HSB. The coverage may be provided as an enhancement to insurers’ homeowners, farmowners, or auto policies, or as an endorsement to such policies.

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