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There’s a lot happening at Hartford Steam Boiler these days. We are developing innovative products and services in our quest to provide the greatest value to our customers. HSB now provides:

  • New specialty insurance and reinsurance coverages;
  • Additional risk management services and information to help our clients enhance performance;
  • New ways to use our knowledge, skills and services to help our customers understand and control risk.

If you are a reporter and have a question about Hartford Steam Boiler’s products and services or would like to interview an employee, please call or write one of our media contacts:

Dennis Milewski
Phone:  (860) 722-5567
E-mail: dennis_milewski@hsb.com

Denis O’Shea
Phone:  (860) 722-5313
E-mail: denis_o'shea@hsb.com

Other questions
If you are not a reporter please visit our Contact HSB site.

Mailing Address
The Hartford Steam Boiler
Inspection and Insurance Company
One State Street
P.O. Box 5024
Hartford, CT 06102-5024

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