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Equipment webinars

Did you miss one of the equipment webinars offered by Hartford Steam Boiler? You're in luck. Below you will find the recorded versions of those presentations. All we ask is that you sign our guestbook.

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Electrical Equipment

Keeping The Lights On What you can do to keep your electrical distribution system in a safe and reliable condition. (25 minutes) 
Dealing With Power Quality Issues   Explore electrical surges, and ways to protect sensitive equipment from surge damage. (45 minutes)

Air Conditioning

How Does It Work? Get a basic understanding of air conditioning processes, and the equipment used in those processes. (38 minutes)
Efficient Design And Operation Learn how the design of the facility, the air conditioning system installation, and system operation impact air conditioning efficiency and the life expectancy of the equipment. (31 minutes) 
How To Keep It Working  Preventive and predictive maintenance practices for typical air conditioning systems, including the types of maintenance typically performed by maintenance personnel as opposed to outside contractors. (39 minutes) 


Is Your Boiler Ready For Inspection? How to properly prepare your boiler or pressure vessel for an inspection. The focus is on fire tube boiler style, but the same guidelines would apply to any boiler requiring an internal inspection. (20 minutes) 
What Can Go Wrong With My Boiler?  Take a look at the most common boiler breakdowns and why they happen. Learn more about the causes, and what you can do to help prevent them. (32 minutes)
Energy Efficient Boiler Operation  Maintenance practices which can impact your heating system’s operating efficiency. (52 minutes) 
Critical Over Pressure Protection  Learn the fundamentals of overpressure protection for your boiler, including the most critical protective devices and how to properly care for them. (25 minutes)
Unattended Operation How to care for the sensors and controls that allow a boiler to operate in an automated mode. (38 minutes)
Don't Be Left In The Cold Join us as we take a close look at boilers, the differences in their design and use, and identify the critical boiler parts. This is a great session for those new to the boilers. (20 minutes) 

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