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EmployerProtection.net is offered at no additional charge as part of our comprehensive Employment Practices Liability coverage. While the coverage helps protect employers when an employee claim is filed, the tools at EmployerProtection.net help them prevent employee harassment and discrimination claims and provide the insured with a better understanding of the complex issues facing them as an employer. Using these tools provides small business owners with good evidence of their best efforts to maintain a workplace free of harassment and discrimination should a claim ever be filed against them.

The website simplifies the often complex requirements employers must meet. With an employee handbook, sample forms, training modules and other tools, EmployerProtection.net makes it easy to quickly implement a program that provides employees with clear, consistent guidelines and the employer with peace of mind.

EmployerProtection.net is updated regularly to include new legal requirements, best practices and topical information. Content provides a range of materials no small business owner should be without:

  • A Model Employee Handbook including:
    • Sexual harassment policies
    • Employment-at-will statement
    • Progressive discipline procedures
    • Workplace rules and prohibitions

  • Best employment practices checklist

  • Model forms and policies, including:
    • Employment application
    • Performance review
    • At-will notice
    • Many other topics and situations

  • Library of employment related articles

  • Web-based training modules to:
    • Prevent sexual harassment
    • Prevent discrimination
    • Prevent wrongful termination
    • Promote ethical behavior

A Control Panel allows you to register users you select, approve users who self-register and track individuals’ training progress and site use.

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