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Energy efficiency calculators

Beyond our on-site observations, there’s a vast opportunity for businesses and institutions of all kinds to assess their equipment and operating conditions on their own and decide what efficiency improvements are warranted.

But they need the right tools. And, until now, calculators that estimate energy efficiency have been available from equipment manufacturers and others with a bias. What’s more, these tools tend to be more complex and difficult for an average business or institution to use.

HSB’s engineering team has designed a series of next-generation energy calculators, covering a wide range of equipment types and sizes including: boilers, HVAC, electrical, lighting and mechanical equipment.

On average it costs $4.00 a square foot to heat, cool, and light a typical commercial building. HSB’s new equipment efficiency calculators can help an insured identify areas with a 15 to 20 percent per year energy cost savings potential.

For more information, Call 1-800-HSB-1866 (1-800-472-1866) or e-mail us at, and one of our engineering representatives will contact you.

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