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Educational Services

Educational Services taps the resources of Hartford Steam Boilers' 150 years of real-life experience and develops custom on-site training to help your business increase productivity, efficiency and save money by better understanding and complying with code requirements. We'll come to your facility, thus reducing your travel time and optimizing training investment.

Our highly qualified instructors have extensive knowledge of ASME Codes and Standards, equipment operation and maintenance, and common industry practices. In addition to the benefits of learning from the largest Authorized Inspection Agency accredited by ASME, you'll receive comprehensive training materials especially developed for your business needs.

Design, Fabrication, Inspection and Repair Seminars:

ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Introduction (PDF, 242 KB)

ASME Section IX (PDF, 243 KB)

NBIC Repair and Alteration (PDF, 242 KB)

ASME Section III (PDF, 245 KB)

ASME Section IX On-Line (PDF, 260 KB)

ASME Section I with ASME B31.1 (PDF, 245 KB)

ASME Section V (1-day) (PDF, 244 KB)

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