Equipment Breakdown Coverage Basics

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Coverage basics

It's understood that Equipment Breakdown should be an essential part of a business insurance program. With most equipment containing fragile and sensitive technology that can be easily damaged, Equipment Breakdown is a common and great risk. With increased system complexity and interdependency, a remote breakdown can impact you.

What is equipment breakdown coverage?

Equipment Breakdown insurance pays for financial loss incurred when equipment breaks down due to an accident or electronic circuitry impairment. It works a lot like property coverage, but covers the unique risks of equipment and technology. Equipment breakdown insurance covers equipment accidents from risks of loss such as power surges, short circuits, centrifugal force, boiler overheating or cracking, and mechanical breakdown.

The Simple Seven

Equipment is changing, and so are the risks. Click on The Simple Seven to learn why equipment breakdown insurance is essential to every business.

Changing Equipment Risks

Equipment is changing. So are the risks. Click on Changing Equipment Risks to review the reasons why equipment breakdown insurance is now essential to every business.

Coverage Components

HSB's Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers much more than standard "boiler and machinery" policies. Read Coverage Components for a concise overview of Equipment Breakdown Insurance.

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