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Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) is an Independent Inspection Agency for the U.S. Department of Transportation approved to perform design reviews and certifications of UN Portable Tanks, Cargo Tanks, and Cylinders; inspection and testing of newly fabricated tanks and cylinders; periodic in-service inspections (internal and external visual inspections), leakage/pressure tests, thickness tests, and lining inspections. For facilities interested in fabricating high pressure tanks and cylinders for use in the United States, HSB can assist them with comprehending the relevant DOT specifications and the required support during the regulatory agency survey leading to client's manufacturing certification.

Cylinders: US DOT 39; 3AA; 3AAX; 4BW; 4L; and 3T UN Portable Tanks UN and IM 101 and 102 Cargo Tank Specifications MC300; MC301; MC302; MC303; MC304; MC305; MC306; MC307; MC310; MC311; MC312; MC330; MC331; MC338; DOT406; DOT407; DOT412

Client Industries 

Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Utility, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Services Provided 
To certify a facility to fabricate tanks and cylinders for use in the United States, Hartford Steam Boiler will:

  1. Review fabricator's facilities and programs against DOT regulations
  2. Assist in completing the required application to request any required Surveys and submittal of the appropriate documentation for Regulatory review.
  3. Conduct a pre-survey audit to assure that the developed program has been implemented properly.
  4. Assist fabricator during the Survey to help ensure success.

Hartford Steam Boiler also performs design review and certification of UN portable tanks and cargo tanks to regulatory requirements or specific design specifications. We can perform new fabrication inspections and testing, inspection and testing of repaired tanks, periodic in-service inspection (internal and external visual inspection), leakage and pressure tests, thickness tests, and lining inspections.

Finally, HSB can also assist with renewal Surveys to maintain facility certifications.

Client Benefit

  • Hartford Steam Boiler has the experience and the body of knowledge to help fabricators navigate the many requirements needed to be met to be certified to design and fabricate high pressure tanks and cylinders.

  • As an approved Independent Inspection Agency, HSB is also capable of being the one organization to meet all the client's needs to prepare and implement a program, successfully navigate a Survey and inspect and certify a final product.

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