Cyber Insurance for Mid-Sized Businesses

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HSB Total Cyber™: Comprehensive cyber risk insurance for mid-sized companies

Total Cyber Insurance

Cyber-attacks now occur to every size business, including mid-sized firms, not just large companies. Such attacks are experienced by many types of mid-sized companies. And the high cost of cyber-attacks makes going without cyber insurance a real risk.

HSB Total Cyber™ was specially designed to provide comprehensive coverage for U.S. based companies with annual revenues from $10 million to $250 million. With eight available coverages HSB Total Cyber™ gives clients the flexibility to tailor cyber insurance to their needs.

Data breach protections

Coverages for data breach:

  • Data Breach Response Expenses covers notifications, monitoring and other services.
  • Identity Recovery pays for expenses and expert help for a victim to restore credit standings and identity records.
  • Data Breach Liability covers litigation and settlement costs resulting from victims affected by a breach who bring a claim or lawsuit against the insured.
Cyber attack recovery

Coverages for cyber-attacks or threats of attack:

  • Computer Attack covers data restoration or re-creation, system restoration, loss of business, and even includes payment for public relations help to manage the insured’s reputation.
  • Cyber Extortion pays the amount demanded of an insured under threat of a computer system attack — including the cost of an investigator.
Protection for criminal deception

  • Misdirected Payment Fraud coverage pays for direct financial loss resulting from criminal deception using email, facsimile or telephone communications to induce an insured, or a financial institution with which an insured has an account, to send money or divert a payment.
Cyber liability defenses

Defense and settlement costs for cyber liability:

  • Network Security Liability provides for claims that “negligent failure of computer security” caused third-party damage.
  • Electronic Media Liability covers claims that information displayed electronically on a website infringes on or violates their rights, or defames them.
Limits and liability

HSB Total Cyber™ is available for companies with revenues of up to $250 million, although we anticipate most companies will typically have revenues from $10 million to $150 million. Typical limits range from $1 million to $5 million, but higher amounts are available on an account-by-account basis.

For more information or a quote contact your HSB Custom Accounts Division representative.

eRisk Hub® website

As part of our cyber coverage programs, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) offers the eRisk Hub® website, which gives your insureds direct access to a range of risk management tools to help businesses prepare and recover when private, personal information of their customers, employees or others is lost or stolen.

eRisk Hub® is easy-to-use and includes the latest news, notification requirements, self-assessments, training modules, and step-by-step suggestions to understand information exposures, establish response plans, and minimize the effects of a data breach.

Key features of the eRisk Hub® include:

  • Incident response plan roadmap: Suggested steps businesses can take following a data breach incident. Having an incident response plan prepared in advance of a breach can be useful for defense of potential litigation.
  • Online training modules: Ready-to-use training for business owners on privacy best practices and Red Flag Rules.
  • Risk management tools: Assists businesses in managing their data breach exposures including self-assessments and state breach notification laws.
  • eRisk resources: A directory to quickly find external resources on pre and post-breach disciplines.
  • News center: Cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events and helpful industry links.
  • Learning center: Best practices and white papers written by leading authorities.

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HSB Cybersecurity on-demand webinars

  • Cyber Myths and Excuses; Why Many Businesses Still Don't Buy Cyber Insurance: Stories that will scare your clients and prospects and make them think twice about declining cyber coverage.
  • Ransomware and Worse: Cyber criminals today are more creative and conniving in how they steal. Learn about the rise of ransomware and other alarming cyber trends and coverage responses.
  • Lions and Tigers and Laws, Oh My: Just when you thought the coast was clear, there’s another new cybersecurity or breach law - 46 so far this year in fact. HSB and the firm Lewis Brisbois are here to help your clients navigate new cybersecurity legislation.
  • HSB’s Cyber Relay Team: It’s not just about the cost to recover from cyber-attack. It’s about the assistance that a business needs both before and after. Learn more about how HSB’s cyber relay team can provide the right response every step of the way.

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