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Computer systems insurance

Computer Systems Insurance from Hartford Steam Boiler

HSB Back.Up is a multi-peril insurance policy for computer systems. This insurance is designed to cover business owners for property damage to computers, computerized equipment and media caused by:

  • Fire
  • Extended perils - lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke, etc.
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Electrical arcing and electrical short-circuits

Click these links to review the HSB Back.Up policy forms:

Computer systems play a very important role in today’s business world. A loss or breakdown of a system is not only costly, but can have a significant impact on a business’ ability to operate. Optional coverage is available for:

  • Business interruption
  • Software and data reconstruction costs
  • Extra expense to restore operations or to rent equipment
  • Theft
  • Duplicates / back up data and media stored off site
  • Off premises coverage for equipment while in transit

Surge Suppression Requirement: The Insured must have all of their computer equipment attached to an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression “TVSS” inscribed power surge suppression device.

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