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HSB in the community

Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) places a high value on improving the quality of life.

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) places a high value on improving the quality of life in Hartford, its home for more than 150 years, as well as in the cities where we have branch offices. HSB believes businesses that are dedicated to the community reap more benefits than simply their own prosperity and growth. They help to improve the ultimate bottom-line - life - by creating a place where everyone wants to live, work and grow. 

We support this effort through:

  • Direct corporate donations
  • Employees’ participation in volunteer opportunities
  • Matching employees’ charitable gifts

HSB’s commitment to the community is quite significant relative to its size. HSB’s grants benefit a wide range of organizations that affect many facets of life — the arts, education, health, and civic responsibility. HSB believes that these are the pillars that support a strong, vibrant and thriving community. For more information on HSB’s corporate giving, please contact Julie Stack.

Supporting the community

We support the Greater Hartford Arts Council, which helps maintain more than 150 arts and cultural organizations in the Hartford region and enables over 100,000 local students to enjoy and participate in artistic organizations.

Our involvement with United Way allows employees to give back to the community. United Way funds organizations that help children stay on track for education, help people in achieving financial security, connect families with health services, and provide basic needs such as assistance through hard times with food and shelter. Our United Way Campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support these causes.

Employees participate in local programs such as Read to a Child, which helps local elementary students through a lunch-time reading program. Employees meet once a week with children to read and help enhance children’s interest in reading and education. HSB employees in our Bedminster office partnered with one of their clients to collect items for the homeless in New York City. They collected winter garments, blankets, small toiletries, and grocery store gift cards, which they sent to shelters.

There are many other programs that the company and its employees actively support such as Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement Day.

Encouraging employee involvement

HSB encourages its employees to participate in volunteer opportunities by granting paid time off for volunteer activities. Nearly five percent of employees serve on boards of directors of nonprofit organizations, such as:

HSB employees in the community

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