Builder's Risk

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Builders’ Risk

Renewable and distributed energy production facilities are often situated in remote locations separate from where the energy is actually used, which creates additional exposures to severe weather conditions and other hazards. Theft of equipment or supplies, site security, and contractor competency are a few of the main concerns with all builders’ risk projects.

HSB offers comprehensive coverage during the testing and commissioning phase through to substantial completion of projects. We also provide an array of engineering and loss control support during the process, to help projects stay on expected construction and installation schedules.

We’ve formulated our best practices through years of experience with project installation companies for multiple renewable energy technologies. HSB consults with our insureds to share this valuable expertise.

Builders’ Risk coverage includes:

  • Construction All-Risk
  • Erection All-Risk
  • Physical Damage (Fire, Equipment Breakdown)
  • CAT (Earthquake, Flood, Wind, Hail)
  • Delay in Start Up
  • Builders’ Risk can roll into Operational Coverage
  • Terrorism

Coverages are subject to terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations. Please refer to the actual policy terms for applicable coverages. Not all coverages available in all states.

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