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These days, everyone seems to be talking about big data. But at present, it is hard to gauge what the analysis of ever-growing data volumes will actually mean for insurers in the medium term. With this in mind, we are approaching the issue step by step at Munich Re, exploring both the opportunities and the risks involved. Last autumn, we launched five pilot projects with the aim of investigating where and how genuine improvements in business processes, risk management and underwriting can be achieved, basing our research on specific, defined objectives. One such project is presented in the current issue of Topics Magazine.

Big Data: An immense challenge

The amount of data worldwide is exploding. Analyzing these data could improve many business processes in the insurance industry. But how can we best take advantage of these opportunities?

Market portrait Canada

Prospects: Partly sunny

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries on earth and a popular destination for immigrants. But its thriving big cities, with their growing concentration of values, harbor risks for insurers. This was clearly illustrated by extreme losses from weather-related natural catastrophes in 2013.

Marine: We can achieve most in the growth markets

John C. Wilkinson talks about the marine market and the objectives of the new Global Marine Partnership.


Immense challenges of big data, market portrait of Canada, Global Marine Partnership and more

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