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Topics 2/2015

Topics 2/2014

The digital age is progressing more quickly than ever and has already changed production conditions in many industries. We in the insurance and financial sectors also have to prepare for fundamental change. But what impact will digitalization have on the economy as a whole? Are we on the verge of mass unemployment and permanently low interest rates? Or will digital technology lead to a period of sustained growth? We discuss these topics in the current issue of Topics Magazine.


Significant changes are taking place in another sector as well: unmanned aircraft are being used commercially with increasing frequency, for example in monitoring technical facilities or in agriculture. Yet legal standards for their deployment are only now beginning to be developed worldwide. Find out how insurers can best deal with this situation.

Drone flying in sky

Unmanned aircraft are taking off

The use of drones for commercial purposes is strictly limited in many countries. Yet as civilian use of these unmanned aircraft increases, the associated risks are becoming a major focal point for insurers.

Woman downloads secure application

Secure with our new app

Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance protects board members, managing directors and other executive staff from the financial consequences of a wrong decision. A new app from Munich Re – the D&O Scout – helps managers to understand their own personal risk and to quickly find the right insurance partner.

Digitalization of the economy

Digitalization of the economy

One thing is already clear: digitalization will revolutionize the way companies work. But what impact will it have on the economy?

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

What impact will autonomous cars have on the insurance industry? Mike Scrudato, Stefan Schulz and Jochen Friedrichs discuss trends and nsurance-related aspects.


TOPICS 02/2015 Publication

What impact will digitalization have on the economy as a whole? Will digital technology lead to a period of sustained growth?

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