Engineering: Bujagali hydroelectric power plant - Energy from the sources of the Nile

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Bujagali: Energy from the sources of the Nile
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4 December 2012 | Engineering, Renewable energies

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Energy from the sources of the Nile
The Bujagali Hydroelectric Power Project, which went into operation at the Bujagali Falls in Uganda in mid-June 2012, is the country's largest ever run-of-the-river power station. It is also the largest in all of sub-Saharan Africa. The five-turbine power plant at the source of the Nile now generates more than 250 MW of electricity to supply around five million households. The project is a true model of success ‒ for other African nations as well who want to generate sustainably clean and affordable electricity.
In the video, Peter Jakszentis (Head of Facultative Property Underwriting), Christian Bendel (Senior Underwriting) and Bernhard Katambala (Underwriter for Property/Engineering) talk about the challenges posed by the project and the solutions they came up with. With the help of a made-to-measure cover concept and their own breadth of experience, the Munich Re experts were able to make a decisive contribution to ensuring the project went online on schedule, sending an important signal that it is possible to realise ambitious projects, provided you have the right partners. Click on the video.

New Touch Engineering information portal
The Bujagali hydroelectric plant project is just one example of Munich Re's many global activities in the engineering sector.

In our new online information portal, Touch Engineering, we present other ambitious projects, and look at their special features and challenges and the made-to-measure solutions our experts came up with. To mark the launch of Touch Engineering, we are also presenting the following projects:
Nord Stream Pipeline - Munich Re
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Nord Stream Pipeline The pipeline connects Europe with gas fields in Russia. In the Baltic Sea, two parallel pipelines were laid over a total length of 1,224 kilometres – one of the biggest offshore projects ever realised.
Nord Stream Pipeline - Munich Re
Rohtang tunnel - Munich Re
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Rohtang tunnel in India: Tunnel construction is usually a routine affair – but not in the Himalayas, where the highest road tunnel in the world is currently under construction.
Rohtang tunnel - Munich Re
Why not visit the new Touch Engineering portal. Register for access free of charge at
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