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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance stands for a form of responsible company management and control geared to long-term creation of value. One of our particular aims in this context is to foster the confidence of investors, clients, employees and the general public. Also of great relevance for us are efficient practices on the Board of Management and Supervisory Board, good collaboration between these bodies and with the companies’ staff, and open and transparent corporate communications.

Our understanding

Corporate governance stands for a form of responsible company management and control geared to long-term creation of value.

Board of Management

All the members of Munich Reinsurance Company's Board of Management, their areas of responsibility and remuneration, at a glance.

Supervisory Board

All the members of the Supervisory Board, its five committees and remuneration.

German Commission Code of Corporate Governance

Declarations of compliance by Munich Reinsurance Company's Board of Management and Supervisory Board.

Munich Re Code of Conduct

In our Code of Conduct we clearly state our views on corporate integrity, i.e. legally impeccable behaviour based on ethical principles.

Directors' dealings

Publication and notification of transactions in accordance with section 15a of the WpHG (German securities trading law)

Long-term incentive plans

These plans provide for the members of the Board of Management and senior management to be granted a defined number of stock appreciation rights.

Remuneration report according German VersVergV

Report in accordance with the Decree concerning the supervisory law requirements for compensation systems in the insurance sector.

Auditors report

Auditor for fiscal year 2013: KPMG Bayerische Treuhandgesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

Risk management

Assessing the risk situation requires consideration of each individual risk and the implications for the Munich Re Group as a whole.

Articles of Association (Satzung)

Download the English translation of Munich Reinsurance Company's current Articles of Association (Satzung).

Co-determination agreement

At Munich Reinsurance Company, the co-determination of employees on the Supervisory Board is duly outlined in the co-determination agreement.

Annual General Meeting

Munich Reinsurance Company's Annual General Meeting allows shareholders to advise and adopt resolutions on important matters affecting the Company.

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