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Acquisitions and Divestments

This page provides an overview of the most important acquisitions and divestments of recent years involving Munich Re. You can obtain further information on the individual transactions from the relevant press releases.
An overview of important participations is provided in our annual report.

Acquisitions and Divestments

Year Transaction Link
2013 Munich Re to sell Windsor Health Group to WellCare Health Plans, Inc.     

Press release
of 5 September 2013
2013 Munich Re to acquire US weather risks specialist Press release
of 3 September 2013
2013 ERGO increases stake in Global Insurance Company in Vietnam ERGO press release
of 2 August 2013
2012 ERGO and Avantha will launch life insurance company in India ERGO press release
of 1 November 2012
2012 ERGO sells South Korean subsidiary Daum Direct ERGO press release
of 3 May 2012
2012 ERGO launches start-up of life insurance company in China ERGO press release
of 13 April 2012
2011 Volksbank sector extends cooperation with ERGO
ERGO buys VBAG’s insurance participation
ERGO Austria press release
of 20 December 2011
2011 ERGO sells Victoria Seguros ERGO press release
of 21 September 2011
2011 Italian supervisory authority approves sale of DKV Salute to RBHold Other company news
of 7 July 2011
2011 ERGO signs joint venture agreement in China and acquires stake in an insurance company in Vietnam ERGO press release
of 14 January 2011
2010 Munich Re agrees to terms for acquisition of Windsor Health Group, Inc. Press release
of 26 October 2010
2009 ERGO and Arcandor affirm sales partnership and realign subsidiaries ERGO press release
of 5 January 2009
2008 Munich Re agrees to terms for acquisition of AIG subsidiary Hartford Steam Boiler Press release
of 22 December 2008
2008 ERGO takes over remaining shares of Turkish ERGOISVIÇRE ERGO press release
of 15 September 2008 (PDF, 22 KB)
2008 ERGO reorganises Italian activities – merger of ERGO Previdenza and tender offer to minority shareholders ERGO press release
of 12 September 2008 (PDF, 21 KB)
2008 ERGO agrees on life insurance joint venture in India with HERO Group Press release
of 2 May 2008
2008 Munich Re Group expands MGA (Managing General Agency) business: Acquisition of the Roanoke Companies Inc. Press release
of 30 April 2008
2008 Vienna Insurance Group and ERGO Versicherungsgruppe:Wiener Städtische sells shares in Bank Austria Creditanstalt Versicherung AG. ERGO press release
of 1 October 2008 (PDF, 34 KB)
2007 Munich Re concludes agreement to acquire US healthcare insurer Sterling Life Insurance Company. Press release
of 1 April 2008

Press release
of 17 December 2007
2007 ERGO announces acquisition of South Korean insurer Daum Direct. ERGO press release
of 9 December 2007 (PDF, 21 KB)
2007 Munich Re acquires Allfinanz, a leading provider of software for life insurance companies. Press release
of 12 November 2007
2007 HDFC Ltd. and ERGO agree on general insurance joint venture. Press release of
30 October 2007
2007 Munich Re acquires UK company MSP Underwriting Ltd. Press release
of 29 October 2007
2007 Munich Re concludes agreement to acquire specialist US primary insurer The Midland Company (Midland). Press release
of 3 April 2008

Press release
of 17 October 2007
2007 Munich Re Group: Munich Re America HealthCare and Cairnstone Solidify Relationship Through Purchase Agreement. Press release
of 20 August 2007
2007 Munich Re buys Bell & Clements Group Press release
of 9 May 2007
2007 Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group and ERGO Versicherungsgruppe:Merger of UNION Versicherungs-AG und BA-CA Versicherung AG ERGO press release
of 16 March 2007 (PDF, 61 KB)
2006 MEAG goes to China ERGO press release
of 12 December 2006 (German version only) (PDF, 24 KB)
2006 D.A.S. subsidiary established in Estonia D.A.S. press release
of 14 November 2006 (PDF, 9 KB)
2006 Apollo Hospitals Group and DKV partner to form a Health Insurance Company in India DKV press release
of 11 October 2006 (PDF, 55 KB)
2006 ERGO acquires majority of shares of Turkish insurer Isviçre ERGO press release
of 25 July 2006 (PDF, 14 KB)
2006 Munich Re sets up new life reinsurance company in Moscow Press release
of 31 March 2006
2005 Munich Re to sell Karlsruher Insurance Group to Württembergische Leben Press release
of 10 October 2005
2005 Munich Re Group accepts UniCredit's exchange offer for its shares in HypoVereinsbank Press release
of 5 October 2005

Press release
of 13 June 2005
2005 ERGO and SNS REAAL Group sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of Nieuwe Hollandse Lloyd ERGO press release
of 30 June 2005 (PDF, 255 KB)
2004 DKV participates in new health insurance company in the growth market of China. ERGO press release
of 18 November 2004 (PDF, 18 KB)
2004 DKV acquires GLOBALE Health Insurance and Zurich Health Insurance. DKV press release
of 31 March 2004 (German version only) (PDF, 50 KB)
2004 Munich Re uses HVB capital increase to further reduce its commitment in the financial services sector. Press release
of 26 February 2004

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