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Gerhard Blank

Topics Schadenspiegel 2/2015

Transport risks in the age of digitalisation

The growing digitalization of global supply chains presents a variety of new challenges for the insur¬ance industry. Do such innovative technologies actually improve safety or is it merely a case of new risks replacing old ones? More information in the new edition of Topics Schadenspiegel.

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Risk Solutions

Topics Risk Solutions 4/2015

More transparency for major projects risks

An insurance solution unique in the world protects property developers and investors from unforeseen additional costs More information in the new edition.

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The Magazine for Insurers

Cyber Risks

Rising risks by the growing cybercrime are an everyday occurrence. New insurance solutions can support risk management and strengthen the resilience of society and companies.


Munich Re worldwide

Reinsurance in a changing world

The paper discusses the current macroeconomic environment of low interest rates, increased volatility, high uncertainty and the various challenges these developments pose for (re-)insurers. Based on this solutions offered by Munich Re for an integrated risk and capital management are highlighted.

Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions - Munich Re

Insurance solutions for industrial firms and corporate clients

Complex, financially sophisticated projects require tailored protection. Through its Risk Solutions service, Munich Re offers customised solutions for corporate clients and industrial firms.

Topics Online - Munich Re


In this issue of our magazine for insurers, we update you on a variety of topics, including Munich Re’s risk research.

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