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Our aim is sustained profitable growth

Our hallmarks are innovation, solidity and client focus. We put quality before quantity, enabling us to achieve profitable, long-term growth. Thanks to this long-term and far-sighted strategy, the Group has fared well in a difficult capital market environment.

Munich Re brings together what belongs together. The combination of primary insurance and reinsurance under one roof realises synergies and economies of scope along the whole value chain. This is propelled by our three business fields: primary insurance, reinsurance and Munich Health as the third pillar for the challenges of the global healthcare market. As a result, we build lasting value for our clients, shareholders and staff.

Each of our fields of business is among the best in its class
Munich Re is one of the world's leading players in the reinsurance industry. Some 40 million clients in over 30 countries place their trust in the services and security it provides. In Munich Re's newest business field, Munich Health, the Group draws on the experience it has gained throughout the world in health insurance and reinsurance over a period of more than 20 years. Munich Health represents Munich Re’s health expertise and develops cutting-edge solutions for what is one of the industry’s fastest-growing markets.

Insurance is a promise for the future
Munich Re adopts a prospective, prudent and responsible approach to risk management. For around 130 years, we have continuously created value over the long term by assuming a wide diversity of risks globally. We are convinced that this business concept can be successfully projected into the future only through sustainable action. By this we understand the need to balance economic, ecological and social requirements. To this end, we actively involve our local and global stakeholders, above all our investors, clients and employees.

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