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Munich Re Group Joint Venture Dii - Munich Re

Dii Desert Energy Conference 2012
January 2013

At the Dii’s third annual conference, held in Berlin in early November 2012, 600 international guests from politics and business discussed the latest progress and political and regulatory measures for
ensuring renewable energy supplies within a
Europe/Middle East/North Africa (EUMENA) energy alliance.

Munich Re Group Joint Venture Dii - Munich Re

Dii presents calculations on feasibility of
Desertec vision
June 2012

Right on schedule, almost three years on from its
establishment, Dii GmbH has presented Part I of its Desertec vision study into the feasibility of
generating power from the desert
("Desert Power 2050").

Munich Re Group Joint Venture Dii - Munich Re

International advisory board to support
industry initiative Dii
July 2010

Internationally renowned experts from science, politics and business life are forming an advisory board for Dii.

Munich Re Group Joint Venture Dii - Munich Re

Four more companies have joined the Dii
joint venture
March 2010

Enel Green Power, NAREVA Holding, Red Eléctrica de España and Saint-Gobain Solar become part of joint venture Dii

Klaus Toepfer - Munich Re

Dii appoints Prof. Klaus Töpfer as its strategic
March 2010

Prof. Klaus Töpfer will advise the desert power
initiative (Dii) on strategic issues.

Munich Re Group Joint Venture Dii - Munich Re

Joint venture Dii established and ready to
take up work
October 2009

Twelve companies and Desertec Foundation have
founded in Munich, the Dii GmbH.

Desert energy initiative - Munich Re

Desert energy initiative
July 2009

An electrifying vision for Europe

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