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More articles about climate change and insurance.

December 2008 | Munich Re signs "the climate principles"

Munich Re has joined with the Climate Group and other financial institutions to launch a new initiative.

August 2008 | Living with climate change – The strategic positioning of the Munich Re Group

With the aid of its all-embracing strategic approach, Munich Re is turning its knowledge into action in the areas of risk management, product development and capital market management.

June 2008 | The monsoon between a curse and a blessing

India is gradually becoming a focal point for companies with global operations. At the same time, monsoon activity is changing significantly. This has repercussions for the insurance industry.

June 2008 | Climate Change in Central Europe

Weather-related natural catastrophes are becoming more frequent in central Europe. Is this due to climate change?

March 2007 | The economic sector and climate change

January 2007 | Natural hazards: The increasing importance of insurance for the poorest of the poor

August 2006 | The Middle Kingdom sets its sights on renewable energy sources

June 2006 | Climate change and volcanism

June 2006 | Opinion: "We need to reasses the risk"

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