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Always one step ahead

Reinsurance is the right sector for eager learners. That’s because in order to master challenging tasks in our different fields, we continually pursue both personal and professional development. We are flexible when responding to change in our world – be it new technologies, national laws or shifts in economic climates.

Our further training offerings best reflect this: professional seminars convey the knowledge you need for your current position. Comprehensive seminars for honing your skills and knowledge allow you to think beyond the context of current projects and are essential for your professional and personal development. We also support you with training courses and other further training offerings such as language training.

Former vocational training participants work on all company levels, which is no coincidence: they have learned about the reinsurance business from the ground up with their in-depth training and are familiar with our corporate culture and business objectives.

That's why we expect outstanding performance. We respond to the desire for further development during training and after, for instance, by offering job-accompanying studies.

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Thank you for your interest in our financial reports. For technical reasons, it is currently not possible to order printed versions. We will make this service available again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, our financial reports will be available as usual for download in PDF format. To do this, simply click the “download” icon.