Corporate responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility - Munich Re

Corporate responsibility

Understanding the risks of tomorrow and making the future insurable has always been the mission of Munich Re. We are convinced that our business model can only be sustained by long-term responsible practices.

With our strategy, we focus on three main topics: we integrate ecological, social and governance factors in our core business and capital investments to an increasing degree. We operate a Group-wide environmental management system to keep the burden on the environment to a minimum and are gradually making our business activities climate neutral. In the area of corporate citizenship, we are also sustainably doing our part for the society where we live and work.

We are therefore committed to pursuing sustainable business practices, protecting the environment and fulfilling our societal responsibilities. This is why we approach the risks and opportunities of our time through responsible, forward-looking action based on corporate responsibility.

Find out more about what we do in fulfilling our social responsibility on our company web pages, particularly on our corporate responsibility portal:

Corporate responsibility portal

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