DKV Seguros is the first insurance company in Europe to be carbon neutral

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26 June 2012

DKV Seguros is the first insurance company in Europe to be carbon neutral

The company has offset the carbon footprint of all of its products against the “Madre de Dios” Amazon conservation project (Peru).

DKV Seguros is the carbon-neutral first insurance company in Europe. After calculating and verifying the carbon footprint of its activities and the life cycle of all of its policies, it has offset it against the Amazon conservation project, “Madre de Dios”, in Peru. As a result, ECODES has awarded DKV Seguros de CeroCO2 stamp for all of its products.

ECODES is a non-profit, independent organisation that works towards sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions.

They engage in dialogue and collaborate with all the social players in putting into practice actions which promote sustainable development and make it possible to attain the social change that we need. Their work is based on professional reflection which provides a critical and innovative vision.

On the other hand, ECODES has awarded DKV Seguros the CeroCO2 stamp for the entire company for the fifth consecutive year. Since DKV began to measure and verify its carbon footprint with the CeroCO2 initiative, it has reduced its emissions by over 50%, thanks to the application of different measures, such as replacing the use of the plane shuttle service with the train, using hybrid cards, promoting the use of public transport, choosing low CO2 emissions electricity supplier or using videoconferencing instead of travelling to meetings.

It is also notable that DKV Seguros is the first insurance company in Spain to have calculated and verified the environmental cost of an insurance policy, according to PAS 2050:2011, a product whose carbon footprint is particularly difficult to quantify. The policy selected for the study was the DKV integral classic individual and the study was audited by DNV Business Assurance, a world-renowned certification entity.

Corporate responsibility
DKV Seguros, which is a subsidiary company of Munich Health, highlights that corporate responsibility is one of the mainstays of its corporate strategy and that it focuses on responding to the expectations of all the groups of interest: employees, customers, doctors, mediators, administration, society, etc.

The insurance company has been recognised as a CeroCo2 company since 2007 and holds the ISO 14001 and Emas certifications. Moreover, it promotes the Ekoamigos Programme for energy efficiency and creating awareness about environmentally sound practices. Creating awareness about the environment is a priority objective for DKV Seguros, and has brought about initiatives such as the Health and Environment Observatory.


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